Sunday, 4 December 2016

I Fell In Love With A Painting

It's difficult to make a move when you are a still life painting.

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Why We Have Gingerbread Houses

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Gingerbread houses are a deep-rooted part of our holiday tradition. They make an appearance everywhere in December, from your household all the way to The White House. And we have the Germans to thanks for it, but more specifically the Brothers Grimm.

What Happened In My Birth Year?

Do you know what happened in the year you were born? Just type in the year you were born and 'What Happened In My Birth Year?' offers a look into the past and the history surrounding you.


In this video, six chemical reactions are shown at a microscopic level, producing gooey, vividly colored globs of precipitation that are unique and strangely captivating.

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When The Cat Is Not Away

A house becomes the theater of a game between a cat and a mysterious character.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Lying

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A lie is a statement that the stating party believes to be false and that is made with the intention to deceive. You're surrounded by lies, but most of what you think you know about them is probably - you guessed it - a lie.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Crossing A River In Somaliland

Heavy rain washed out the road between Berbera and Hargeisa.

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The 'Ancient Lights' Windows Of England

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In many old brick buildings around London, you'll find signs saying 'Ancient Lights' marked beneath individual windows. The phenomenon is not unique to London. 'Ancient Lights' signs can be found in Dorset, in Kent and in many places across England. What are they?

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The 11,000 Domino Colosseum

A massive 11,000 domino stones colosseum took 4 days to build, but less than 10 seconds to topple.

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Unsellable 196-Foot Picnic Basket Marked Down To $5 Million

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According to some, the future of architecture is wood, but in Newark, Ohio, the future has already arrived - in the form of big, dumb picnic basket that's also an office building no one will buy.

First put on the market 18 months ago for $7.5 million, the former headquarters of struggling basketmaker Longaberger is now available for a mere $5 million, Despite the steal of a price, the iconic building seems unsellable.

Black Panther Women: The Unsung Activists Who Fed And Fought For Their Community

Much of the reverence - and controversy - around the Black Panther Party centers on its early male leaders, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, and Eldridge Cleaver when the Party launched in Oakland, California, in 1966. But behind the scenes, thousands of Black Panther volunteers ran social programs that fed poor children breakfast, gave away bags of groceries to hungry families, transported sick and disabled people, provided free health care, offered legal aid and drug counseling, and more.

The hard work of women was the lifeblood of these so-called survival programs. One woman doing such work was Judy Juanita - a playwright, novelist and poet. Collectors Weekly spoke with Juanita about the hard volunteer work that went into making a newspaper and the social programs.

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Friday, 2 December 2016

13 Dogs And 1 Cat Eating With Human Hands

Freshpet Holiday Feast - 13 dogs and 1 cat eating with human hands.

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11 Real-World Forests That Look Like They're Straight Out Of A Fairytale

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Forests are the lungs of our world, absorbing carbon and keeping our climates stable, and the protectors of some of our most precious resources. They safeguard habitats and wildlife that allow life to move onward and even make us healthier, too; trees clean our air, lower our stress, and can actually make us happier just by being nearby.

But some forests, you might argue, are just a bit more spectacular than others.
Here are 11 otherworldly forests to remind you just how incredible life on Earth really is.

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On a search for treasure, a bionic anti-hero meets his match in the form of a robotic watchdog designed solely for destruction. However, he quickly discovers that the treasure isn't money, it's control over this robotic super-weapon, and with that control comes infinite power.

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The Lure Of Laudanum, The Victorians' Favorite Drug

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Romantic poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge's most famous poem, 'Kubla Khan,' was written after an intense laudanum-induced dream; Lord Byron's daughter, the celebrated mathematician Ada Lovelace, claimed laudanum calmed her overactive mind.

Laudanum is a tincture of opium containing approximately 10% powdered opium by weight (the equivalent of 1% morphine). The fact that many writers and artists of the Victorian period used laudanum is clear - but what was it about laudanum that ensnared so many creative people?

The Ultimate Guide To Shutter Speed In Photography

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Today's cameras are equipped with a mind-boggling amount of features to allow you full creative control over your photography. It all seems overwhelming to a new photographer, the reality is there are three main features you need to be concerned with: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Mastering these three features is the first step to creating technically correct photographs. The first of the bunch - shutter speed - is probably the one you're most familiar with. But do you know the ins and outs of shutter speed and how to utilize it to its full potential?